‘Creating space for self-discovery, emotional clarity and stimulating learning skills is a powerful investment for mental health and performance’

Develop further self-awareness, gain self-confidence and feel in more control to continuously unfold who you are: a human being with multi-faceted and layered potential. Let go of static and fixed states, attachments and concepts. If perception is a conscious construct that shapes the way we see, feel and experience our life, we have to go inward and assert ourselves towards our fears, shame and conditioned response patterns. This way we create space for emotional clarity and the true autonomy to embody mindfulness, open-mindedness, mental flexibility and the power of intuition.


Emotional Resilience Counseling

We are meaning-makers, storytellers, association-junkies, and all about feeling inner alignment when we feel good but easily fall prey to disconnecting and externalizing things when we are struggling. The beauty is in developing the ability to create deeper alignment and shape more hopeful meaning when we are not feeling well and our circumstances do not seem to favour us. Here is where emotional clarity, flexibility and resilience come into play, especially, because we get to use critical thinking to our advantage instead of it causing or adding stress.

Emotional resilience for Core Unbroken is the capacity to mindfully sail and recycle emotions. As we experiene them we create new meaning which will help us remain connected. This entails the ability to feel emotions, recognize their cause (in some cases), become aware of their potential consequences such as physically, mentally and behaviourally, and have the trust to give emotions a language to be expressed. This way we can communicate it to others and connect through relationships that will further our sense of strength and stability.

Most importantly, emotional resilience means empathy and compassion starting with having these for oneself. With these present there is no judgment, negative belief or deep conditioned fear that will sabotage your ability to feel your emotions and subsequently listen to what message they carry. While having that openness to feeling and understanding, it is important to train the skill of trusting your capacity to experience them and use them to learn about how to approach life with fresh eyes and raw strength. As we gain more knowledge and self-awareness, the understanding spirit will allow for the space between feelings and critical thoughts so you get to choose who you become.

Big part of this skill to trust comes with taking action and experiencing things entirely; not just reflecting, thinking and feeling. Stillness is greatest when accompanied by subsequent movement in certain intervals. I will help you find the courage you have to set those next steps to feel you have both feet strongly on the ground and a chest that feels like it can breathe in a whole new dimension.

By having emotions in motion, rather than supressed or ignored which means stuck, there is momentum to ignite our intuition and create space for positive feelings. These good sensations are stronger and better-equipped at dissolving fears we have.

By developing a positive self-image and positive self-esteem we can trust ourselves and have a more natural processor that creates hope naturally. Believing in ourselves will automatically increase the hope and trust we have for the world. So, once again we see that it does start with us.

Identity Coaching

Without an identity in a language-dominant world where we internally see a lot through images and understand so much through sensations evoked from past associations, we feel, not just disoriented, but as if there is no ground under our feet. It can be lonely and frightening as it becomes even painful at some point to not feel the stability to define ourselves when the outside world does not recognize us for what we feel and experience, and or, when we have not learned that we have the power to create without external recognition. We are already enough without identities imposed from outside. We have to be reminded that we have more freedom than we thought in choosing who we are once we allow ourselves to open up to uncertainty.

Identities can come in the form of defining how we look, where we are from to even what we do, are capable of doing and how much we achieve according to a certain reference. If we acknowledge that we are all unique, then who we are cannot be defined by someone else. If we acknowledge our perception is a construct, then we can learn to dismantle and rebuild what we want and need. If we acknowledge that references are simply a perspective and one angle of a whole, than we can choose to reinsert another or a new referential point to broaden our spectrum. Identity coaching will tackle our reality from letting go of identities formed in our early years that seem to block us to adopting new identities that embrace the abilities and potential we have.

Emotional clarity, flexibility and resilience here is important in allowing ourselves to open up to possibilities and constructing the confidence and self-esteem to stand comfortably with who we are becoming over time.


When to reach out for Emotional Resilience Counseling?

  • If you are dealing and having difficulty with emotions such as anger, fear and sadness
  • If you feel you want support handling stress
  • If you want to enhance self-awareness
  • If you want to enhance self-esteem and self-confidence
  • If you want to increase the sense of trust in yourself

When to reach out for Identity Coaching?

  • When you are struggling with questions about who you are
  • If you want to break free from behaviour patterns that seem to block progress
  • If you want to expand your openness to learning new things
  • If you want to learn to be in a flow-like state more often
  • If you want to learn how to make your ability to adapt to new situations more flexible
  • If you want to learn how to reframe and positively relabel situations

About Me

Since I can remember I have found thoughts, emotions and behaviour fascinating. Simply sitting in solitude reflecting on reflecting itself; theory of knowledge, theory of mind and theory of the self. I always remember as a kid sitting in the corner of the street or on a bench in a big shopping mall staring at all the passengers of life wondering what their past was, why they walked the way they did, what their fears were and what would spark them if I felt they looked sad or internally beaten. Complementing this deep passion for insight into who we are and why, I also have lots of energy and love for understanding and helping others to heal, feel encouraged and grow on their own terms.

I am a determined, creative, playful and reflective being that has deep love for challenges to learn and evolve. From practicing skills within the arts such as drawing and poetry, engaging in different sports such as running and lifting, to slowly learning more theory about the world through philosophy, physics and psychology books, I am serious when I say I am keen to learn.

With a fundamental focus on exploring potential and helping others, I prioritize thorough reflection to further enhance self-awareness and healing past wounds that I notice more and more can cause blockages in the present. What it does is ensure I allow myself to more authentically unfold. As I practice training self-reliance more sustainably through meditation and movement to reconnect to my ‘self’, there is a hungry desire to confront and embrace fear in all its different appearances and facets. All in order to ensure I live more fully, express myself more openly and am able to give a shoulder, a hand and a push to those that want the same. There truly is a lot of love, joy and peace there. Join me!

For more insight you are welcome to read my blogs and visit the Instagram page.


  • Bachelor Degree of Science in Psychology (University of Groningen, Netherlands)
  • Counselor-Coach (CIVAS)
  • Mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CIVAS)
  • Personal Trainer (Start2Move)
  • Membership with SoloPartners: a Dutch branch organization for independent professionals within healthcare since counseling and coaching is complementary and alternative care in The Netherlands.


Joan Muyskenweg 15 D 54

KvK nummer: 77813588
BTW nummer: NL003243048B38

+31(0)6 33 71 82 16

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